Meet and greet services

Meet And Greet Services

The Role played by our  “Meet and Greet team”. It is a layer of supervision and helps a lot all arriving Delegates:

· Our Team knows all about your flight details as you have shared with us in advance.

. Our company owned vehicles to facilitate the pick up from the airport to your hotel room, should you need to make a quick stop before you reach your hotel room, our client is advised to share that information ahead of time with our head offices.

·Our Team are always in uniforms for them to be recognize easily, not in any case any of our meet and great team will come for pick up in unofficial clothing.

· Upon your arrival your name/conference name will be on a branded panel handheld by a member of our team on arrival gate.

. All our Meet and great team are fluent in international languages and trained to present themselves with politesse, our clients should not worry about any sort of miscommunication

. Before Leaving the airport our clients are advised to double check if all their luggage has been packed and well placed in case they are carrying fragile equipment