Our Services

1.Logistics And Planning

Our team, together with our consultants, boasting a combined experience of over 45 years has successfully managed to organize a number of high-profile events and special functions throughout East Africa.

2.Venue And Conference Management

When looking for the perfect venue, our team takes into consideration all requirements and delivers the space with features that match our clients’ expectations whether it’s for small or large meetings.

03.Hotel Bookings And Accommodation

Since we partner with hotels across the country, you can trust our recommendation and allow us to book for you, handle all the paperwork till you get to your hotel room with no hassle.

04.Flights And Tickets Booking

From Visa Application, flight booking we have a good track to closely work well with immigration services and  the world’s winning Airlines and , you can trust us arrange your full itinerary up to the last bit of detail

05.Meet And Greet Services

Our well trained team helps pick you up upon your arrival to a designated hotel

06.Printing And Branding

Whether it’s booklets, brochures, banners, teardrops or any type of branding material, we do not compromise on quality.

07.Translation And Interpretation

We work with the best professional translators and simultaneous interpreters skilled in a wide range of international languages to provide quality translations in real time.

08.Pre And Post Conference Safaris Tours

We are able able to offer tailored travel itineraries that enrich our clients’ experience in Rwanda and East Africa, whether it’s top sightseeing attractions, touristic activities, or other

09.Management of Special Functions

Whether it’s offsite events, cocktails, cultural events, concerts, private events, or weddings, our team is skilled in planning and organizing events and parties with particular emphasis on the theme of your choice.

10.Transportation for delegates

We have a fleet of cars that allow our clients to enjoy their journeys in comfort as they move around the city.

11. Exhibition booths

We have booths designed for exhibition or any type of public display for products and services, for local and international exhibitors

12.Offsite Events

With a combined experience of 45 years our team is more than capable to put well together and execute to perfection all of our clients vision, that is for any vision to every last bit of detail